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Claire Keane // Art & Stories



Little Big Girl


Little Big Girl

by Claire Keane (Dial Press / Penguin 2016)

A touching picture book about an older sister’s unconditional love for her new baby brother

Matisse is a little girl in a big world. Despite her size, she gets to have all sorts of grand adventures, like seeing the big sights of the city, making big messes, and taking big naps when her little body is all tuckered out. But when Matisse meets her baby brother, she realizes that she isn’t so little after all- She’s a big sister! And it’s great fun to show this new little person what wonders this big world has in store.
With warmth and joy, Claire Keane showcases a gorgeous retro-inspired style to tell this tender tale of unconditional sibling love.

Coming to bookstores in Fall 2016!

Matisse is still small enough to need to ride in a car seat, but she never feels overwhelmed by her environment. She confidently skips across a big box store—with her very pregnant mother racing to keep up with her—and can carry a mountain of cushions across the living room to create an indoor trampoline. What better role model for a new baby brother? In language that repeatedly invokes ideas of big and little, Keane gracefully captures Matisse’s quiet understanding of her own growth. The book represents something of a “big” jump for Keane, too: whereas the artwork in 2015’s Once Upon a Cloud reflected her background as a visual development artist for films like Tangled and Frozen, her breezily inked vignettes of domestic life in this book nod more toward the work of her grandfather, Family Circus creator Bil Keane. (In one such scene, Matisse and baby bro get dressed by first emptying out the contents of a dresser.) With gentle and warm humor, Keane shows how several small moments can add up to a big epiphany.
— Publisher's Weekly


The granddaughter of syndicated cartoonist Bil Keane (The Family Circus) offers her own spin on family matters and new baby brothers...Mixing a retro, thick-lined look with hipster touches (Matisse’s black lace-up boots, her mom’s elegant black postpartum blouse), Keane’s digital art best resembles pen, ink, and watercolor. Hints of the new baby’s arrival are hidden in almost every picture before its sudden-to-Matisse appearance. Some new-baby books explore the fears and concerns of older siblings, but Keane’s focuses instead on the joy and wonder of it all... Give to parents hoping to introduce kids to the joy and wonder of a new baby sibling...
— Kirkus Reviews