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Claire Keane // Art & Stories





Love is  

(The Washington Post)

From the start of this book, the caring nature of a little girl and neediness of a lost duckling become intertwined. Set in a charming city neighborhood, the book tells the tale of their time together through gentle rhymes... The little girl’s expressive and adorable facial features convey a range of emotions as she experiences the stages of loving and letting go. Breezy ink sketches and muted hues enrich the warmhearted story.. (read more on the Washington Post)

Little Big Girl 

(Publisher's weekly)

Matisse is still small enough to need to ride in a car seat, but she never feels overwhelmed by her environment. ...In language that repeatedly invokes ideas of big and little, Keane gracefully captures Matisse’s quiet understanding of her own growth. ...her breezily inked vignettes of domestic life in this book nod ...toward the work of her grandfather, Family Circus creator Bil Keane. ...With gentle and warm humor, Keane shows how several small moments can add up to a big epiphany.  (read more on Publisher's Weekly)

Claire Keane Writes About The Magic Of Inspiration


When I first read Sue Fliess’ manuscript for A Fairy Friend, I was drawn to the idea of an unseen world at the main character’s fingertips just waiting to be discovered. It’s a theme that — as an artist and storyteller — I feel a deep connection to. (read more on Bustle)