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Claire Keane // Art & Stories



Copy of Home


For me creativity is something a little elusive that can be easily squashed by the stress of needing to accomplish something. What I have found to be quite useful to me for my art- but more for my soul -is taking a moment to be truly present and document it through line on paper (and sometimes color too). This is a collection of those moments.


I love illustrating because it is a way to mix two things I love so much: stories and design. Both of these go hand in hand for me,  leading me to new ideas. Here you will find a collection of my illustration work.


While working on Tangled, I explored many aspects of Rapunzel: her character, clothing, personality and surroundings- even her painting style for which I was inspired by a mix of medieval art and Charley Harper's illustrations. You can also check out the sketchbook I used to explore what a day in Rapunzel's tower would look like