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Claire Keane // Art & Stories




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"...What better role model for a new baby brother? In language that repeatedly invokes ideas of big and little, Keane gracefully captures Matisse’s quiet understanding of her own growth. The book represents something of a “big” jump for Keane, too: whereas the artwork in 2015’s Once Upon a Cloud reflected her background as a visual development artist for films like Tangled andFrozen, her breezily inked vignettes of domestic life in this book nod more toward the work of her grandfather, Family Circus creator Bil Keane. (In one such scene, Matisse and baby bro get dressed by first emptying out the contents of a dresser.) With gentle and warm humor, Keane shows how several small moments can add up to a big epiphany." (...Read more on Publisher's Weekly)


A Fairy Friend: storybook illustrated by a Disney animation legend

"It's a very loving and gentle story told in verse, but when the pictures are added to it, it is transformed into an epic tale of endless warm afternoons, timeless imagination games, the intensity of friendship and the abandon of childhood."

-Cory Doctorow (...

'A Fairy Friend' Illustrator Claire Keane Writes About The Magic Of Inspiration

When I first read Sue Fliess’ manuscript for A Fairy Friend, I was drawn to the idea of an unseen world at the main character’s fingertips just waiting to be discovered. It’s a theme that — as an artist and storyteller — I feel a deep connection to. I’m always searching for ideas and believe that the perfect ideas, like the fairies in the book, are just sitting there looking down on me waiting for me to find them. (...Read more on



While working on Tangled, I wanted to better understand the character of Rapunzel and what she did all day so I kept a journal of the things I did at home and translated it into Rapunzel’s world. It helped me see her as a real person who lived beyond the scenes and plot points of the movie. Rapunzel became somebody I could relate to even though our circumstances were worlds apart. This research helped me later on when I designed her murals. You can see more journal entries here

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A Fairy Friend (May 2016)

Written by Sue Fliess Illustrated by Claire Keane

 “In rhyming text with just four lines per spread, the world of the fairies is introduced,…A dreamlike atmosphere prevails, ... charming illustrations in a loose style use a muted palette ... to create a magical aura with swirling lines and tiny trails of stars following the fairies…Enchanting stuff for lovers of fairies.”

Little Big Girl (Fall 2016) 

by Claire Keane 

Matisse is a LITTLE girl in a BIG world. But she can still have BIG adventures. What happens when she meets someone who is even LITTLER than her? She gets to see what GREAT fun it is to be a BIG sister! With warmth and joy, Claire Keane tells a tender tale of unconditional sibling love.


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